2. How to connect to your configuration build

In this chapter, you will learn how to connect to your configuration build

Use RustDesk to connect to your configuration build

Now that your configuration build is ready and that you received your credentials, you can connect to your Mac virtual machine.

Appollo build start


If you try to connect a build that was not meant for remote desktop or that was stopped, no problem, Appollo will suggest you to create one automatically.

Appollo build connect with other build

For this step, you need a remote desktop access application. For Appollo, the one used is RustDesk’s client.

Launch RustDesk, it should look like the following screenshot.

The first step is to click on the three little dots and select ‘ID/Relay Server’.

Appollo RustDesk connect

Type in Appollo’s relay server: appollo.space

This step is to make sure you are connected to Appollo’s relay server.

Appollo RustDesk relay server

Secondly, simply enter the RustDesk ID you were given to authenticate.

Appollo RustDesk connect

Finally, RustDesk will ask you to enter the RustDesk password you received.

Appollo RustDesk password

That’s it ! You are now connected to an Appollo-Remote build machine in remote desktop.

Appollo RustDesk desktop


If you can not see the entire desktop, do not worry, there is a shrink option in the settings.

Appollo RustDesk shrink