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The easy way to setup, build & release flutter apps for iOS on Linux, Windows and MacOS

Welcome to the documentation pages for Appollo.

What is Appollo ?

Appollo is an open-source tool to help developers setup and release their Flutter apps on iOS.

Thanks for checking it out.

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Get started

Here, you will find informations regarding Appollo and how to use it.

If you are getting started this is how we recommend you use the docs :

  • First, we advise you to read our Installation guide for instructions on how to install Appollo.

  • Next, check how to setup your app with Appollo following our complete Tutorial and build your Flutter app to iOS.

  • If you want to know every option Appollo has to offer, check out our Reference Guide

This documentation is constantly evolving and we appreciate every help we can get, so feel free to contribute.

You can learn more about how to contribute on the dedicated page.