First off, thank you for considering contributing to Appollo.

The main purpose of these guidelines is to establish a good communication channel between you and the developers behind the project.

The goal is to keep Appollo evolving to make Flutter developer’s lives easier.

How can you make Appollo project evolve?

If you notice any bugs or issue, you can report it directly on Github's issue tracker.

For improvements and feature request, you can notify them there too.

We recommend that you wait for a confirmation of your bug or an approval of your feature request before you start coding your pull request. Pull requests linked to open issues are very much appreciated.

We are also thrilled to receive a variety of other contributions, including:

  • Tutorials, blog posts or simply mentioning Appollo

  • Improving the documentation, submitting bug reports and feature reports or writing code

  • Any suggestion to enhance the experience and design such as spelling and/or grammar fixes

Appollo’s GitHub issue tracker is only intended for bugs and improvement suggestions.

Get in touch!

If you have a general question or require some functional support, you can post it on Stackoverflow.

Moreover, do not hesitate to ask about your issue on our community Discord.

It will be a pleasure for us to help you!

Thank you all very much!

The Appollo team.