6. How to debug and test your Flutter app in the iOS simulator without a Mac

Debugging and testing your iOS app is fairly easy with Appollo. Even if you do not have a Mac.

For this tutorial, you will have to start a build with a configuration build type. Why use a configuration build type ? This is because this build type allows you to connect to the Appollo-Remote with the Spice protocol used previously in the tutorial.

So, type in appollo build start in your terminal and enter configuration.

Let Appollo start the build, and wait a few minutes for the build to end. Once finished you can connect to the Appollo-Remote with appollo build connect.

Appollo build connect

Complete the given information within your remote desktop application to access the Appollo-Remote.


For this step, you need a remote desktop access application. In this tutorial, the one used is Spice-Space’s client.

Launch your software, it is named RemoteViewer on your computer, indicate the url your were given and connect.

Once you are on the Appollo-Remote, you can launch the simulator.

It might take some time to boot if it is the first time you are using it.

Appollo simulator

In parallel, you can also start an instance of the terminal on the Appollo-Remote.

Go into your app using cd Documents/app and use the flutter run command.

Wait a few instants and the app should start on the simulator, you can now debug and test it.

Appollo flutter run