3. How to create an App ID using Appollo

What is an App ID (aka identifier) ?

It is the combination of your Team ID and the bundle ID. The Team ID is the one you can find in your membership information and is supplied by Apple. The bundle ID is the one you define and is a unique identifier for your app on the App Store. The App ID is required to publish an app on the App Store.


The bundle id should look like this : com.company.appname

In Appollo, you can directly manage your App IDs. Thanks to the appollo app subcommands.

Appollo app

Make a new App ID

You can create a new one using:

appollo app mk --name APP_NAME --bundle-id COM.YOURCOMPANY.YOURAPP

The name is simply the one you want to give to the identifier. Choose your app name to make your life easier.

The bundle ID (e.g.: com.yourcompany.yourapp)

Appollo app mk

If you have more than one developper account configured in Appollo you will be asked which one you want to use when running the command.

Let’s check if your App ID was created properly on Apple Developer.

For that, go over to your Apple Developer account, then to the “Certificates, Identifiers & Profile” menu.

There, you will find the “Identifiers menu” that contains the list with the possibility to create new ones.

Apple certificates